Pie in the Sky


Detective Inspector Henry Crabbe, an intelligent, sensible, and mild-mannered man, would like nothing better than to retire from the police force and devote his time and energy to the restaurant that he wants to open. However, Assistant Chief Constable Fisher won't allow this to happen because this would expose his own stupidity and ineptitude to the unwelcome attention of his superiors. So, after a botched operation to try to catch a notorious criminal, Fisher devises a scheme that incriminates Henry, and, until he can solve this invidious dilemma, he must continue to serve at his boss's calling, whenever the need arises.
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S5E8 - Smelling of Roses

As Henry mysteriously loses his sense of smell he is intrigued when ..

S5E7 - In the Smoke

The Crabbes holiday in London in a flat owned by ex-policeman Nick S..

S5E6 - The Apprentice

As Fisher launches a campaign to make the police more popular with y..

S5E5 - Return Match

Henry has to solve a series of thefts from lorries and gets unexpect..

S5E4 - Cutting the Mustard

Henry and his team are called to a private boarding school where pol..

S5E3 - Pork Pies

Fisher sends Henry and the squad to a meat factory where animal righ..

S5E2 - Ugly Customers

Henry Crabbe (Richard Griffiths) is posted to guard a jury deliberat..

S5E1 - Squashed Tomatoes

DI Crabbe's first job with his new team of PC Guthrie and WPC Morton..

S4E6 - Gary's Cake

An armed hold-up at 'Pie in the Sky' while jewel-rich Mrs. Burdett i..

S4E5 - Breaking Bread

The 'Happy Ploughman' food chain has won the franchise for the Polic..

S4E4 - New Leaf

When Fisher allocates Henry to guard Sasha Wilkes,due to testify aga..

S4E3 - Chinese Whispers

The Chen family appear to be victims of racial harassment when their..

S4E2 - Devils on Horsebac..

Liz claims the money is winnings from a bet and Henry releases her b..

S4E1 - Devils on Horsebac..

Henry and Margaret spend a day at the races with her new client Bob ..

S3E6 - Coddled Eggs

Car crime is on the rise, with most of the vehicles being stolen fro..

S3E5 - This Other Eden

Di Crabbe and DS Cambridge are assigned to investigate a spate of ga..

S3E4 - Doggett's Coat and..

Charles Rider, a wine-loving regular at Pie in the Sky, is being thr..

S3E3 - Irish Stew

The large family of much-married Irishwoman Kit Kelly book the resta..

S3E2 - Game Pie

Henry supplies the catering at his friend Alistair's pheasant shoot,..

S3E1 - Money Talks

The restaurant is heavily in debt, and the Crabbe's new bank manager..

S2E10 - Lemon Twist

Crabbe has to join ACC Fisher and DS Cambridge on a management devel..

S2E9 - The Mystery of Pikey

There's a spate of burglaries, the local police station's closed dow..

S2E8 - The Mild Bunch

The man who shot PC Ian Lefebvre is due for release so Fisher wants ..

S2E7 - Swan in His Pride

Fisher drags Crabbe down to the West Country to investigate the appa..

S2E6 - Black Pudding

In a moment of weakness famous cookery writer Hilary Smallwood has g..

S2E5 - Dead Right

Medium Faith Revelle has received a number of threatening letters an..

S2E4 - The One That Got A..

Bill Pritchard, an old friend of Henry's and the supplier of fish to..

S2E3 - The Policeman's Da..

Fisher's younger daughter has left home after a row and thrown in he..

S2E2 - Brown Bread

A diner collapses and dies in the restaurant's toilet. But when the ..

S2E1 - Hard Cheese

Henry investigates a prowler fond of older ladies, and begins to sus..

S1E10 - Endangered Species

Margaret and Henderson side with Reynard the Fox in opposing a new b..

S1E9 - Who Only Stand and..

Henderson's neighbour finds a dismembered corpse, which may prove th..

S1E8 - A Matter of Taste

Henry uncovers two separate wine scams in Middleton.

S1E7 - Passion Fruit Fool

The girlfriend of Henry's dry cleaner is kidnapped by a psychotic ex..

S1E6 - Undesirable Elements

Steve investigates the burglary of Pie in the Sky, while Henry does ..

S1E5 - A Shot in the Dark

A narcotics investigation ends in a bitten hand for Fisher, and Henr..

S1E4 - Once a Copper

Henry cooks a banquet for a visiting Japanese delegation, and tracks..

S1E3 - An Innocent Man

Pie in the Sky becomes the scene of a corruption sting, but Henry ac..

S1E2 - The Truth Will Out

A delusional cop seeks to bring Fisher's ally down, and Henry recrui..

S1E1 - The Best of Both W..

Henry lets Hooperman escape, and Fisher takes the opportunity to sus..

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