Follows a group of experts as they fan out across the nation to investigate the unexplained objects that normal Americans find in their backyards. Someone just might have that artifact that turns the history of our country on its head.

S1E10 - The Importance of..

Lily and Dale perform tests on a gold-colored urn and soon find them..

S1E9 - A Viking and a Curse

The guys look at two objects that may be worth big money...if they'r..

S1E8 - Brass Ball

A strange brass ball has Leonard and Blue intrigued, while Dale trie..

S1E7 - Man in the Iron De..

Blue meets a family who found a death mask that could be evidence of..

S1E6 - Armored and Danger..

The guys try to uncover why and how medieval scale armor was abandon..

S1E5 - Lincoln's Letter

Dale and Blue examine whether a woman who found a letter hidden behi..

S1E4 - The Knife & Times ..

Dale meets a man who wants to prove he found the original knife of f..

S1E3 - Kiss My Axe

While Blue and Mike examine what looks like an ancient axe, Dale ins..

S1E2 - Outlaws and Aliens

The guys meet a man who says he can prove he has a bloodstained pist..

S1E1 - Weapons of Mass De..

A mysterious disc found in the Sulphur Fork River brings a surprisin..

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